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What would it feel like to remove the obstacles in your life?

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It would be smooth.

That's what Human Design is.

Teaching you how to be you - passenger princess style.

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Are you ready to stop doing the most?

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Anna Ortiz-Aragon, Business & Life Coach + Sound Healer. Founder of Align With Anna & 501(c)3 The Pachamama Shift

Hi, I'm Anna

I am a former classroom teacher. I used to work in Juvenile Detention & many alternative schools.

I would always ask my kids about their birthday so I could find out their zodiac.

It helped me know what matters to them, how to talk to them & approach them.

Human Design is just like astrology, but way more specific. It's changed the game for me as a parent, a business owner & leader.

I'm here to teach anyone who feels called - because it will make you life so much easier.

Dr. Charlotte Meier, Chiropractor & Acupuncturist

"I am soooo grateful for you Anna! You have no idea! I'm certain the magic was just answering honestly to your questions. The stars are aligning so quickly! I've got people specifically requesting my special techniques! Soulmate client list build mode game is ON!"

Arion Hairston-Castillo, Virtual Assistant & CEO

"I have so much more clarity about what I am doing in life & with my business. I recognize the vehicles I want to use & how to reach my goals. I have taken the fear out of saying no & saying yes to what's in my heart."

Kesha Kent, DEI Talent Strategist & Public Speaker, Husch Blackwell

"I am focused on who & what I am first. I am more confident & authentic. I am okay with not forcing things - walking in my ebb & flow. Human Design has changed the game for me."

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