the founder and dreamer behind the divine feminine embodiment movement. 

I really had no idea where the alignment was taking me, but now I see it's Embodiment...

Ever since I was a little girl, I loved the occult. The mystical, magical, cosmic parts of life. My father is Jewish, born & raised in Peru, My mother is a hippie yoga Queen & bad ass business woman. 

Growing up, we would have tarot readers, psychics, mediums & astrologists come over. I will never forget my first reading - it was the High Priestess in reverse. She said, "You are very powerful. You can use your power for good or for evil."


At the time I was choosing evil. Being in a state of disbelief about the power we are really capable of.

Later in life, when I learned to trust myself & follow my intuition - my powers exploded.

Clairaudience, clairsentience, claircognizance, clairvoyance.

Mediumship, Shamanism & Space Holding.

My story really began after a karmic divorce that catalyzed a massive healing & awakening.

Finding myself a single mom with 2 toddlers brought up every wound you could imagine. The mother wound, scarcity wounds, money wounds & more.

I dove deep into myself. My rest & energetic alignment.

I learned on my soul sisters. I cried with them, I prayed with them. I cooked for them & held sacred ceremony.

I called on my ancestors. My abuela, my mom's mom & all those who came before me.

I showed up as myself unapologetically - over & over & over again. Until it became second nature.

And then, the mama bear & lioness came to take her throne.

Passionate about helping others

I've always been all about the other. Helping, guiding & supporting others through their evolution, expansion & self-discovery.

As a former classroom teacher in Juvenile Detention & many alternative schools - I learned how to meet others exactly as they are.

To hold space, offer divine presence & be the eye of the storm.

To be a lighthouse, a way-shower & soul interpreter.

I knew that spending the extra time to fine-tune & master my energetic hygiene was the key to receiving everything I always wanted.

In learning the subtleties of my energy field - I am able to meet myself & life exactly as they are.

I am able to be fully present, accepting & gracious for every moment. To see the invitation & opportunity to grow & integrate profound wisdom.

I know what is mine & what is conditioning, ancestral programing & residual energy.

I want every woman to feel this empowerment.

And every family to have a Divine Feminie Queen.

I wanted to create something that my soul sisters would love & cherish.

I love holding sacred ceremony. Knowing that whatever happens in our time together is powerful, potent & pure.

That any healing & awakening is supported by the ancestors, our spirit guides & our commitment to learning & growing together.

I'm on a mission

I'm here to teach Divine Feminine Embodiment. Period.

I am here to share everything I have learned in past lives, as a High Priestess, Medicine Woman & Shaman & make it practical, easy to digest & sustainable - for the long haul.

Women are rising all around the world.

A collective cellular rejuvenation.

A total renewal & recommitment to our self-mastery & sovereignty.

"If you want to know the secrets of the universe - think in terms of energy, frequency & vibration."

I'm all about

Chai Tea, Baby Snuggles, Sun Bathing, Traveling, Singing, Dancing, Plant Medicine & Home Cooked Meals

I'm not about

Rushing, Forcing, Comparing, Shaming or Creating Resistance. 


The perfect



  • You are ready to be seen like never before. To have someone witness you in your totality. No filters, bullshit or withholding your truth.
  • You are ready to prioritize self care like never before. You are ready to rewire your nervous system, update your programs & rest, rest, rest until you've reached a new level of equillibrium.
  • You are ready to look yourself in the mirror. To see what patterns, behaviors & ways of being no longer serve you. You are ready to meet yourself again & again with grace, love & compassion.
  • You are ready to transform. To be a whole new energy, vibration & frequency. To hold this new way of being as sacred, coveted & eternal.

Here's how I can help

Imagine dramatically reducing...everything that is holding you back - mentally, physically, spiritually & emotionally.

To unpack the mother wound, ancestral baggage & clear your field.

How would you feel with all this freed up energy?

What would you do?


The Know Thyself Guide

Learn the basics of your energetic blueprint with my 10-page PDF outlining your Big 3 in Astrology, your Life Path Number & Human Design type.