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Anna Ortiz-Aragon, Business & Life Coach + Sound Healer. Founder of Align With Anna & 501(c)3 The Pachamama Shift


At Align With Anna, we believe that leadership starts from within.

Our tailored coaching programs empower executives, directors, board members, and founders to understand themselves deeply, make confident decisions & create alignment in both their personal & professional lives.


Empowering executives & founders to understand themselves first so they can lead with integrity & authenticity.

Why Choose Us

Anna's unique approach creates transformative results by blending self-discovery tools like Human Design, Astrology, mindfulness & mindset work to create real social, economic & enviornmental impact.

With a background in social work, nonprofits & business devleopment - Anna has the keys to unlock your full potential & create high-value performance, leadership & collaboration.


1-on-1 Coaching

Personalized coaching sessions tailored to your specific needs & goals, using a blend of cutting-edge methodologies to unlock your full potential.

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Teams & Organizations

Customized coaching programs designed to enhance team dynamics, communication & performance, fostering a culture of aligned values & collaboration.

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Public Speaking & Workshops

Engaging talks and workshops led by Anna, covering topics such as leadership, personal growth & achieving work-life balance.

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What People Are Saying

Porscha Anderson, Executive Coach

Working with Anna over the last few years has been amazing. Anna has helped me in my personal & professional career to get organized, create & implement systems & execute my goals. The level of professionalism & skillset is unmatched. She is a true asset.

Jessica Conick, Business Consultant & Fashion Designer

Anna is an insightful, entrepreneurial power-house! If you need a creative jump-start, business boost, or community to connect with, Anna is your girl!

Nick Roma, Account Manager

Anna is an expert in many things, and has seemingly unending energy to support those who she is working with or for. I would highly recommend anyone who is looking for one on one support in developing themselves as a business leader. Can't say enough good things about Anna! 

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