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My name is Anna Ortiz-Aragon.
Shaman, medium, psychic & medicine woman.
I teach Divine Feminine Embodiment via self-discovery, alchemy & plant medicine.
Call me "the plug" as I connect the ancestors, your inner-Goddess & the cosmos.

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"Anna has the magic touch!! She is truly gifted and very knowledgeable in spiritual healing & business. I highly recommend working with Anna if you are experiencing some blockages in your life and you are ready for a breakthrough!!! She is the real deal!"

Porscha Anderson
Money Mindset Coach & Entrepreneur

"My dearest friend words cannot express what a tremendous impact that your devices have made on both my physical, mental & spiritual well being. My most recent Reiki & sound healing session hit me to the core like never before. I felt rejuvenated and literally like I’d lost a few pounds. Thank you for being such a healing, loving and nurturing soul."

Amelia Stubblefield
Chef & Content Creator

"Anna is SO passionate, super knowledgeable and helpful in all aspects of her business. I did a Soul Business Reading, where she read my astrology/numerology/human design charts. I came away with more clarity, confidence, and self-awareness in just 1 hour -- information that will last me a lifetime. Highly recommend the opportunity to connect with Anna!"

Eliza Goode
Health & Life Coach

"I’ve never felt such love! I’ve had a lot of bodywork in my 40+ years of yoga and spiritual practices and I can say Anna is extremely giving and gifted in connecting and transmitting love- the greatest gift!"

Janet Brown
Financial Advisor

"Thank you for such a special experience of your Reiki session! We’ve never spoken about my grandfather, so the confirmation of his personality/energy coming through to you was so surprising. My grandmother is so special to me in a spiritual way, and though I’ve felt her energy and influence before, this was the first time I could literally feel her psychical touch. I’m a perfectionist who has taken maybe 5 days off work in the past year and a half; so I’m rarely able to relax and stop my conscious thoughts to allow my guides in fully. But you got me there, and I’m so thankful."

Maria Des Marias
Online Business Owner

"So grateful to you Anna for creating such a warm, supportive and nurturing container for our sacred medicine journey. From the education and connection before our ceremony all the through the process and the gorgeous follow up and integration afterward! I felt so safe, so energetically held for what has become a truly life changing experience! I look forward to gathering again!"

Emotions Coach

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