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How to Start Your Business With The Right Foundations

business organization time managment Apr 06, 2024
Anna Ortiz-Aragon, Business & Life Coach + Sound Healer. Founder of Align With Anna & 501(c)3 The Pachamama Shift

Building a business is one of the most powerful things you can do. Not only for yourself, but for your family & the future generations. Starting off on the right foot is crucial & here's a guide to help you lay the foundations for a successful venture.

1. Cultivate Your Business Mindset: Surround yourself with like-minded individuals by forming a supportive network. Create a community of boss-babes, where you can share resources, ask questions & hold each other accountable.

2. Invest in Education and Empowerment: Immerse yourself in empowering books, podcasts & events that align with your goals. Whether it's attending business conferences, reading influential books like "We Should All Be Millionaires," by Rachel Rodgers and "The Big Leap" by Gay Hendricks seeking guidance from mentors, continuous learning is key.

3. Prioritize Self-Care: Take care of your mind, body & spirit. Establish a routine that includes exercise, fresh air & positive experiences. Surround yourself with uplifting vibes to sustain you personally & professionally. I love OrangeTheory & yoga!

4. Master Time Management: Implement time-blocking techniques to boost productivity. Work in focused bursts, take breaks & set boundaries from the start. This practice prepares you for the demands of a growing business. I like 2 hour power-hours with a break to grab some tea, make some food or go for a walk. It's way better to start out like this than to learn it later.

5. Seek Guidance Through Mentorship: Leverage the power of mentorship, such as through organizations like SCORE. A mentor can provide valuable insights, share experiences & guide you on your entrepreneurial journey. You don't always get the right match, but when you do it's perfect! My mentor ran a successful business consulting agency & his wife is a life coach! We're a great fit.

6. Invest in Personal Development: Consider getting a coach who can provide tailored support. A coach can offer individualized guidance & help you dedicate the necessary time to nurture your business, even if you have other commitments. I worked with Dr. Tracy Timberlake & she is AMAZING!

Things to Consider Before Launching Your Business:

  • Define your purpose & main focus.
    • What would you really talk about for days?
  • Define your personal AND professional goals.
  • Decide on your preferred work style, whether it's remote, travel-friendly, or office-based.
  • Create a well-thought-out schedule that aligns with both personal & professional commitments.
  • Set clear income goals to pave the way for financial success.

Establishing Business Basics: Ensure your business is legally sound by incorporating it appropriately, obtaining an EIN Tax number, securing a business license & setting up essential accounts like a bank account. Develop an online presence through a professional website, email & social media.

Final Thoughts: Lay the groundwork for your business with intention & clarity. As you embark on this journey, remember the importance of balancing personal and professional aspects while keeping your long-term goals in sight.

I love you all & wish you a BEAUTIFUL journey ahead.

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Lots of love,

Anna Ortiz-Aragon

CEO & Founder of Align With Anna & The Pachamama Shift, a 501(c)3 organization.

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