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How To Move Like A Professional Organizer

organization Oct 08, 2023

As a former professional organizer, I love to be organized. I like to start packing 5 days out. On a Saturday.

My favorite movers, BellHop, offer a move-out kit with everything you need to pack - 1 week before your move.

It includes small, medium & large boxes, tissue paper, bubble wrap, tape & a Sharpie. Pretty damn cool.

My next move, the next company also delivered boxes, tissue & tape! It was super helpful especially with young kids.


1 Week Out:

Moving Phone Calls

2-hour power hour to switch all your utilities - electric, gas, water, trash, sewer, internet.

Call them all at once.


5 Days Out:

Main Packing Day

Do this on a Saturday or a Tuesday - when we have the most energy.

Grab your boxes & begin with:

Organizational Strategy:

As you go about living your life, start collecting things of the same category.

Whether it’s electronics, scissors, art supplies, books, etc.

Start collecting them & use boxes or baskets - clear, white, bamboo, etc. to organize.

I love these from IKEA (with handles & without) for bathroom stuff, toys, office supplies, etc.

This is for moving purposes as well as overall ease of flow in your home.

Do your laundry intentionally as you get closer & put things away that are out of season.

Get rid of stained bedding, old socks, underwear, shoes or towels that are out of shape.

Let go now, so you don’t have to do it (or bring it) to your new house.


Packing Strategy:

Collect rooms in the same box, so you know what you like.

Bring them all to the kitchen table, or a place where you have a nice flat service.

Call this your moving station. Keep your tape, scissors, marker, water & snacks there.

Use a tray to help you collect everything.

Label all boxes with location + item category - for the new house.

Burn insence, put your music on (noice cancelling headphones if you have kids) & open up the windows.

This is in-fact a cleanse. A spiritual move for sure.

Use a timer, like Toggl, if you want to track your time doing this!

It really does keep you focused.

Have a donation bag ready. Near your home-base.

You will definitely find things that can go, be trashed or recycled as you go.

Use your reusable bags.



If you have kids, give them specific jobs.

My 5-year old helped me gather all the crystals & stuffed animals.

Then toys. Then a travel box - all the airplane things. The hose outside.

Choose an age-appropriate category, label the box & delgate!

Help them when they ask for help, because they are excited!

I started Saturday at 7 or 8 AM when they were still sleeping, put on a movie when they woke up.

Gave them breakfast & let them get curious when they wanted to.

Look under beds, coaches, drawers & cupboards for peace & mind & max efficiency.


Boxing Tip:

Place large, heavy items on the bottom.

With the flattest part helping hold the tape on the other side other.

Start heavier items, wrapped on top of each other in a Tetris style.

Turn them over & see where they best fit.

Some might be sideways, some top-down.

The most important thing to remember is enough paper or cushion for each of them

When doing painting & mirrors, will the corners of the box with other soft items.

As you complete a box (or category) put in the garage, lower level, or whatever for the movers.

It’s going to save you time & $.

Stack heavier boxes on bottom.

If your start to run out of boxes, prioritize dishes, products & fragile things.

You can always put bedding, clothes & shoes in bags for an easy move.


Wrapping Tip:

When wrapping lots of little things - wrap the smallest items in from the corner.

Wrap it inwards, pulling the sides of the paper with each rotation to cover it.

As you get closer to the middle, add a bigger item.

On the opposite corner, start another small item.

By the time it gets closer to the center it will make a perfect cushion.


Now let’s get started:

1) Artwork first.

Work room by room with a hammer.

Get a box & starting in the living room, or wherever you have the most.

Removing nails & putting them in a bag for later.

If you gotta wrap mirrors, do it. It’ll make your life easier when you move in.


2) Crystals, Ambiance & Memorabilia

If you’re not a crystal bae - sub this category for a collector’s item so it’s nice & safe from the beginning.

Remember - don’t use all your tissue here. Save some for your dishes & cups in the kitchen (later).

This is where I do my Tarot & Oracle cards, alter, incense holders, candles & musical instruments.

It might feel weird your magic at first, but you’ll be so happy it’s all safe & waiting for you!

I also put refrigerator stuff here - pictures, magnets, etc. so it’s central.

Including this rollable white board that I love.


3) Salt Lamps + Lamps

Get all your table lamps & night lights. You can use your phone in the meantime.


4) Kitchen - Holiday, party & seasonal items.

Grab all the fragile things you do not use on a regular basis & pack them up.


5) Pantry

Get your flour, rice, beans, etc. put away.


6) Appliances

Get your kitchen toaster, waffle maker, air fryer, etc. put away. Leaving out anything you want that last week.


7) Kitchen - Seasonings & Sauces

Grab all the little seasons you don’t use year-round. Pack up as much baking stuff, hot sauces, vinegar, etc. that you can.'


Now that we can completed this section - we are moving to your room.


8) Shoes

Get all the shoes you don't need.


9) Bags

All backpacks, totes, purses, etc. These items can even be packed within suitcases - to save boxes.


10) Clothes

Get all your clothes - seasonal, formal, gym, etc. & put them into the large boxes with the hangers ON.

It’s going to make your life so much easier when you unpack.


11) Hats

Get all your sun hats, baseball & gym stuff together. Unless you wear a hat everyday - go ahead & pack everything.


12) Bathroom

Go to your bathroom & pack up all the back stock, things you don’t use, travel items, toiletries, etc.

Leave your basic items for the day of.


Week Of:

Cook & Pack

Eat all your food, emptying the fridge & freezer, putting things in the dish washer as you go.

Leave a box open in the kitchen as you go through things.


13) Personal Items

Books, massage tools, yoga stuff, art supplies, etc. Anything that you use often, but can put away for the week.


14) Travel

Pack up all your travel items - headphones, pillows, chargers, cameras, things that you mostly store year-round.


15) Office

Get all your papers, notebooks, folders, planners, pens, pencils & computer stuff packed away.


16) Junk Drawer

Come into the kitchen - or whoever you keep your “everything drawer” & handle that.

There will likely be things that you can toss & let go of as you do this.

If you keep your daily electronics here - make sure this box is easily accessible upon move in.


17) Curtains & Shelves

It might seem early to do these, but go ahead & pack them up.

You’ll be glad you did so you can focus on other things on moving day.


18) Kids

Depending on the age of your kids - they can pack on their own.

If you have little ones - do this while they are at school. It will be super fast & limit meltdowns. My boys (2 & 4) were so happy & excited to see the moving boxes!

And I saved 1 or 2 boxes for them to help me with so they can feel a part of the process.


19) Bathoom

Pack up as many bathroom items as you can.

For example - summer stuff, new shampoos, soap, razors, hair ties, nail polish, towels, etc. that you do not immediately need.


20) Games, Camping & Sports

Get all your board games, party games, camping gear & sports equipment packed up.

Leave a medium cooler out for moving day.


21) Blankets, Throws & Pillows

Put these in plastic bags. I use eco-friendly bags here.

This makes all the bedding super easy to transport & can be reused when you move in.


Day Of:


22) TV & Computer

I wrap mine in blankets & tape them up.


23) Plants

Keep the plants in the sunlight - in a box or container.

Skip if you don’t have any.


24) Refrigerator

Get any left over - food, drinks & condiments.

If anything is old - go ahead & throw it out here.

Use a grocery bag for anything left over in the pantry.

Pack up your cooler & be sure to check the freezer!


25) Bathroom & Laundry

Take the final things out of your bathroom & laundry!




Moving is no easy feat.

And if you can declutter & organize beforehand it makes EVERYTHING easier.


When we move - we are literally transiting into a new chapter of life.

So let’s not bring anything we do really want into the new home.



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Happy Organizing!

By Anna Ortiz-Aragon

CEO & Founder of Align With Anna & The Pachamama Shift


Pro Tip:

If you want to learn how to create blogs like this for the things you’ve mastered.

Have a document open (of the blog site itself!) so you can track your process.

Get the real-time downloads as you - are yourself, in the flow.

You’ll remember things & can edit later.

I wrote this blog post last year after my divorce & wrote & read it again the second year!

The second round was much more filling, because I added the overall strategy & why.

Share your secrets with the world! In a way that makes sense to you - & is the best use of your time!

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