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Calling In The Four Directions

ceremony shamanism Oct 08, 2023

If you’re a Shaman, would like to become a Shaman or simply enjoy creating sacred space for massive healing, calling in The Four Directions can be an incredibly powerful & transformative practice.

“What are The Four Directions?” one might ask?

Quite simply, they are - North, East, South & West.

Just like a compass.

Why might one call in The Four Directions?

To hold down the space. To protect & create the container. To make a safe, guided journey using all the planes & dimensions to ensure the maximum healing.

Similar to The Four Elements - Earth, Air, Fire & Water - they are a full set. They embody the entirety of the energies here on Earth.

What does each direction represent?

The “Winds of the South” as many Shamans, indigenous people & ceremony say, represent our physical body, materiality & the 5 senses. This Southern direction - also known as Sachamama or Amaru in some cultures, is closest to the Earth & is represented by the Great Serpent. When snakes are in their prime, in their element & at peace with all that is - they move slowly, gently & softly on the Earth. They are in no rush. They sunbathe & nap a lot - for real. The snake also sheds it’s skin - all at once! They literally move on, entirely with a fresh look - unbothered & unapologetic. We too - can shed our skin. We can shed the old stories, fears, beliefs & expectations that “separate” us from the mother - Mother Earth. The boundaries & thick skin we create to protect ourselves - ultimately need to be stripped away to become one with ourselves & one with the universe. And we can do so - easily & effortlessly if we allow it.

The “Winds of the West,” Otorongo, symbolized by the Great Jaguar represent our mental activity, thoughts, feelings & emotions. This is a step above the body & at our next level of perception. All cats & felines are master trackers. They are incredibly smart, swift & quick. These beings know death well. ANd also that death brings rebirth. They are unafriad to look into the shadows & handle what needs to be handled. They know the circle of life intimately. After all the Lioness is of of the greatest hunters of all time. This energy teaches us that there in nothing to fear, but fear itself. And often our entails actively & emotions can cloud, “what’s really there.”

The “Winds of the North” represented by the Great Hummingbird, symbolizes the individual soul - that which is unique to us & our experience. This energy connects us to the spirit of our ancestors, descendants & all our Earth fam who are in this “hero’s journey” with us. As you may already know - being here on Earth - is no walk in the park. 😂 The souls who choose to incarnate here - are heroic AF. It’s certainly not for the faint of heart. That learning curve - all this density is real. This Earth School is exactly that - a school where we learn our lessons through lived experience - trail & error. Ain’t no way around it. And when we remember all those who came before us - and to enjoy the sweet nectar of life - like the Great Hummingbird. We can listen to their great stories & look for the joy & beauty all around us. Life is meant ot be enjoyed. And the sweet hummingbird reminds of of how beautiful the journey can be.

The “Winds of the East” represented by The Great Eagle & Sister Condor transcend our thoughts, feelings, ideas & judgements - and show us the big picture. This energy helps us to be free in the moment, like a bird, simply observing & co-creating with our it’s rising awareness. This energy is linked to the cosmos, the sun, the moon & beyond. The infinite potential & spaciousness that we feel once we are free.

Is there anything else to add when calling in The Four Directions?

Yes, many Shamans & sacred space holders also include Mother Earth & Father Sky.

Mother Earth is Pachamama. Gaia. She is the mother of us all & oh so nurturing. She houses the plants, animals, elements & all that exists in this 3D plane. She is always right up under us, supporting us & giving us life.

Father Sky is the Great Spirit & includes the stars, the sun & the moon, the cosmos & beyond. Father Sky reminds us that there is a cosmic order beyond our understanding - full of magic & mystery.

What does it all sound like? All Together?

Here is my version of calling in The Four Directions. Please use the information above & inspiration below to create your OWN. Whenever we can put our own spin on things, our own energy & use words hat truly resonate & speak to our soul - the better. I promise.

The first time I wrote & spoke my own prayer - I cried. I was overcome with emotion. It was like all my past lives & timelines converged into that one moment - and I knew I was home. I knew this was the message & prayer for me. I encourage you create your own. Use this as inspiration & infuse your own energy into it.

Calling In The Directions

Winds of the South, Sachamama, Great Serpent. Join our circle here tonight. Teach us how to shed our past, our stories & prejudices. Teach us how to walk softly on the mother, the beautiful way. Help us to understand we never left the garden. Be with us sweet one & share your wisdom. 

Winds of the West, Otorongo, Great Jaguar, come & influence us tonight. Teach us to release the fear of living & dying. Show us how to become a friend of death - the death of our identities, roles & ego. Teach us to track our lives, like the great cats, and see into dark spaces. To not be afraid of our shadow & whisper words of reassurance & encouragement.

Winds of the North, Great Hummingbird, come join us tonight. Take us under your wings & teach us about the sweet nectar of life. Show us how to be with the ancient ones, the ancestors, grandfathers & grandmothers. Warm your hands by the fire in our hearts here tonight. We honor all who have come before us & all who will come after us.

Winds of the East, Great Eagle, Sister Condor, come to us from the place of the rising sun. Encourage us to fly with you & show us the mountain tops of our lives. Inspire us communicate & dare to dream. Help us to see the big picture & extend beyond this dimension. Be with us as we dream a new world into being.

Pachamama, Great Mother, Mamita, thank you for being with us tonight. We honor the spirit & rhythm of all beings on this planet. Those who walk, crawl, fly & swim. We honor the great spirit that exists in all of creation. We honor your mountains and valleys, rivers & oceans. We vow to honor the life cycle of all things & to be of service to you.

Father Sky, Great Spirit, Grandmother Moon, Grandfather Sun, Wankan Tanka & Star Nations. You who are called by a thousand names & are the great mystery of life. We thank you for the expansive space & creative wisdom of the cosmos. We gather here to sing the song of life, with this breath, this great & every breath past, present & future.




How do you close The Four Directions?

Simply by honoring each, expressing gratitude & a word or two about for their attendance & participation in ceremony.

An example I use is:

“Great Winds of the South - Sachamama, thank you for being here with us today & teaching us to shed our old ways. Great Winds of the East, Otorongo, Great Jaguar, thank you for being here & showing us how to have courage in the face of fear. Great Winds of the North, thank you for being here & showing us how to seek out the sweetness in life. Winds of the East, Great Eagle & Sister Condor, thank you for being here with us & teaching us to see the big picture. Mother Earth, Pachamama, thank you for being here with us & always supporting us. And Father Sky, thank you for being here & allow us to feel your infinite greatness. Ayayaya, A-Ho, Amen.”

I love you all & wish you a BEAUTIFUL journey ahead.

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Lots of love,

Anna Ortiz-Aragon

CEO & Founder of Align With Anna & The Pachamama Shift, a 501(c)3 organization.

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