New Moon Sister Circle

Calling All My Soul Sisters

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Welcome to my virtual community for the Queens, Priestesses, Channels & Healer Baes looking to deepen their spiritual practice with like-minded soul sisters.

Each month, on the New Moon, we come together to set intentions & perform a self-care ritual.

The moon represents the feminine - the yin. 

Yin is all about receiving, nurturing & remembering your intuitive abilities.

Magic is infinitely more powerful in a group setting - so let's get it!

How It Works

Join us each month as we prioritize our spiritual health, energetic hygiene & overall well-being.

Grab some sage, your favorite crystals & make yourself some tea for this incredible ceremony.

Together we'll experience a brief meditation, discuss the significance of each New Moon & perform a sacred activity together.

Sometimes we write letters, other times we do mirror work & we ALWAYS pull an Oracle or Tarot card.

And if you're local, in Saint Louis, please join me at my house for a LIVE Sound Bath & Full Moon ritual!

Annual Retreat

Join our sacred soul sisters as we work & play on our annual retreat.

Treat yourself to:

  • Yoga & Acupuncture
  • Sound Baths & Meditation
  • Farm-to-Table Cooking
  • Hiking & Kayaking

As well as money moves like:

  • Group Think Tanks
  • Hot Seats
  • Solo Work Time
  • Spa Integration Days

These retreats are an added cost to the membership.

Member Bonuses

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Monthly Zoom
  • Healer Business Directory
  • Library of Resources

Investment is $22 per month. Or $222 per year.

Cancel at anytime.

Join the Sister Circle today!

Yes, you can!

Join the Sister Circle today.

This is an annual retreat for all of my Sister Circle members.

We enjoy yoga, mindfulness & meditation & as well as working together in group think tanks and hot seats.

This retreat is for the boss babe ready to heal on infinite levels & expand their business with like-minded soul sisters.

Join us in the Sister Circle today!

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