Plant Medicine Retreats

The Magic of Mushrooms

Join me for a private or couple's plant medicine ceremony.

It's In My Blood

Plant medicine is incredibly potent, transformative & is for those ready to heal on a cellular level.

As a Peruvian, modern Shaman & medicine woman, I am here to share this magical wisdom.

This is what my ancestors did.

And this is part of my Shamanic Path in this lifetime.


My Journey With Psilocyblin

One of my greatest teachers on this planet is psilocybinmagic mushrooms. 

I love the yin nature of this plant.

The soft, yet fierce lessons it offers.

The oneness.

The connectedness.

The heart opening.

This medicine:

  • Guided me through a divorce.
  • Healed my PTSD.
  • Healed my postpartum depression.

I am forever grateful to this sacred plant.


My Journey With Ayahuasca

My journey with Ayahuasca began during my divorce.

I knew I had a deep connection with the mother.

The grandmother - Ayahuasca.

I always felt so close to my own Abuela.

My Peruvian grandmother was solid as a rock.

So Earthy, so gentle, yet firm.

I started with White Aya, from Peru, my homeland. And felt this Divine Grandmother energy.

So gentle, angelic & clear.

Then I explored Red Aya from Ecuador.

Lively, potent & captivating.

These master plants taught me the infinite depth, wealth of support & unity among us.

What People Are Saying

"My ceremony with Anna changed my life. Anna was attentive and nurturing during the ceremony. She innately knew what I needed when I needed it and I felt safe and held the entire time. I was able to have my experience freely and openly which made my take away all the greater. Anna is a natural born healer and was exactly what me who I needed for my first time experiencing this ceremony. "


"So grateful to you Anna for creating such a warm, supportive and nurturing container for our sacred medicine journey. From the education and connection before our ceremony all the through the process and the gorgeous follow up and integration afterward! I felt so safe, so energetically held for what has become a truly life changing experience! I look forward to gathering again!"

Emotions Coach

"My experience with Anna was a beautiful and profound one. She held such a beautiful space for me and my journey. I left with so much growth and transformation that is still unfolding to this day! Her energy is so peaceful, grounded and she reminds me of Mother Earth."

Women's Spiritual Life Coach

"My experience with Anna was incredibly insightful and healing! The environment she created in her home allowed me to explore past experiences and relationships with her in a safe and nurturing way; I was able to uncover feelings that typically don't come to the surface in everyday life. She was also very adaptable, using a range of techniques and methods to best meet my needs throughout our session together. Thank you so much, Anna, for the transformative experience!"


Are you being called to plant medicine?

Book a call with me & let's explore!

Frequently Asked Questions

Plant medicine is the wisdom & guidance that comes from Pachamama, Mother Earth. '

There is a perfect plant for every ailment, occasion, spirit & healing.

It is our duty to honor the Earth, learn from here & allow her to nurture us.

As a vegan, I honor my plants, give thanks & consume them intentionally.

I also have a lot of house plants, love teas & am growing my own food & garden.

Each plan has a unique frequency, language & lesson for us.

As we have to do is listen.

In my plant medicine retreats we use psilocybin, magic mushrooms.

I am also an advocate for marijuana, cacao & all the magical herbs out here.

Mushrooms are a solid 4-5 experience.

The following few hours are also very important to the healing process as you are wide open & very vulnerable.

So much wisdom, magic & downloads have come through your system that you will want to take it easy & rest.

Being on mushrooms feels like an increase in body temperature.

It feels like a deep knowing and connection with Mother Earth, all beings, plants & animals.

It feels like a connection to all.

It feels like a universal love & vibration.

Some people experience brighter colors, sacred geometry, a kaleidoscope type of visual. 

Others experience being able to see, feel & read energy like never before.

Some get the giggles & feel complete bliss.

Others cry, feel a loss or disappear. 

This medicine gives you whatever you need in this now moment.

We set the stage very intentionally with a beautiful opening prayer, meditation & blessing.

And close with as much magic as we entered. Deeply connecting to our ancestors, guides & the spirit on this plant.

I create a super relaxing, Goddess vibration with fresh fruit & juices.

I prepare nourishing foods should you get hungry mid or post ceremony & plenty of liquids to stay hydrated.

I set the intention for a safe, protected environment, calling down guides & ancestors to be with us.

I throughly sage the space using ethically sourced plants, incense, Reiki & Sound Healing.

We begin our journey with a beautiful opening ceremony, experience an hour long sound bath to coax & calling in the medicine & leave plenty of room for gentle movement, time in nature or alone time.

Should you feel sleepy, sad or going through the motions, I invite you to claim a bedroom and get that cleansing cry or rest that you need.

Should you be more talkative, social or playful, I invite you to play!

Create beautiful art, music or simply enjoy the company of the birds, trees & your Higher Self.

I will walk you through guided meditation, offer Reiki energy healing & be of completely service to you during this experience.

We meet before hand on Zoom to get to know each other, meet the farmer & set our intentions.

Post journey we meet twice via Zoom (or in person should you like in Saint Louis) & talk about what how you are interrogating the lessons received. 

Once we do a plant ceremony together, we are forever connected. 

And you are forever a part of my soul tribe.

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