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The Ultimate Know Thyself Guide


In this Know Thyself Guide you'll learn:


Your Big 3 In Astrology

Learn your sun, moon & rising signs & what they mean.


Learn Your Life Path Number

Learn what you are here to do in this lifetime & what your gifts are.


Learn Your Human Design Type

Learn your energy type & strategy for living your best life.

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You + This Know Thyself Guide = everything you need to get started!

Maybe you've thought you could never understand all your inner-workings.

Or maybe it was that you hadn't found the right moment, teacher or resources to help you.

Either way, this Know Thyself Freebie is sure to take your self of sense & purpose to the next level.

Feel so much more aligned & empowered using the Know Thyself Guide

  • Understand your energy & unique gifts like never before.
  • Connect dots from your past & have a clearer vision of your future.
  • Learn to read your friends, partners, kids & client's charts.

A Note From Anna Ortiz-Aragon...

I was fascinated in my first astrology reading at 7 years old.

I loved how clearly & accurately I was described.

How each layer was so resonate & true.

How there is a light & dark side of every sign & you get to decide who you want to be.

My favorite class growing up was math & I actually became a math teacher.

The ancient wisdom of numerology - studied by the Incas, Mayas, Aztecs & Egyptians - profoundly expanded my world view.

As an adult, my best friend introduced me to Human Design & that was the ULTIMATE game changer.

My name is Anna Ortiz-Aragon, Shaman & Intuitive Guide, I created the Know Thyself Guide to liberate my soul sisters.

To give everyone the same profound sense of self, purpose & alignment that I feel. 

To help my fellow mamas better understand their children, partners & clients.

And to make the world a more harmonious, unified & conscious space.


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