Energy Healing

Shamanic Healing

My father, a Peruvian, is where I get my Shamanic wisdom & roots.

My time in Peru, meeting my family, exploring the country & hiking the Inca Trail solidified my devotion to the ancient Earth Medicine.

Shamans connect us with ancestors, the Earth magic & future generations.

It's a full circle healing that transcends time & space.

In each session, I pass along messages from Spirit & the ancestors to guide you along your journey.

I use a combination of sound healing, energy work, mediumship & intuitive flow.

Join me for a 1-on-1 at my home in Saint Louis, MO.

We'll have tea, pull cards & experience the most gentle, yet powerful healing of your life.

Sound, Energy & Ancestral Healing

Join me in my home, for a virtual session or host a private sound bath.

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"My dearest friend words cannot express what a tremendous impact that your practices have made on my physical, mental & spiritual well being. My most recent Reiki & sound healing session hit me to the core like never before. I felt rejuvenated and literally like I’d lost a few pounds. Thank you for being such a healing, loving and nurturing soul."

Amelia St
Chef & Content Creator

"I’ve never felt such love! I’ve had a lot of bodywork in my 40+ years of yoga and spiritual practices and I can say Anna is extremely giving and gifted in connecting and transmitting love - the greatest gift!"

Janet Brown
Financial Advisor

"I had a reiki session with Anna and it was absolutely magical. She did around 20 minutes of sound healing with singing bowls before she actually did the reiki, which I believe was crucial to me being able to tap into a different state of consciousness. I really appreciated her offering her reflections post-session. She gave me suggestions on how I could work with my own energy in a more clear way, and so far those suggestions have been powerful in my life."

Alexandria Rollet
Intuitive Business Coach

"I've never had a reiki session before and I must say that I happy I chose Anna. I've been going through some challenging moments - our session helped me tune in to self and tune out what doesn't serve my mind, body, and, heart. Thank you, Anna! #bookher"

Valeria Rodriguez
Graphic Designer

"Thank you for such a special experience! We’ve never spoken about my grandfather, so the confirmation of his personality/energy coming through to you was so surprising. My grandmother is so special to me in a spiritual way, and though I’ve felt her energy and influence before, this was the first time I could literally feel her psychical touch. I’m a perfectionist who has taken maybe 5 days off work in the past year and a half; so I’m rarely able to relax and stop my conscious thoughts to allow my guides in fully. But you got me there, and I’m so thankful. 🙏❤️"

Maria Des Marias
Business Owner

"Once I laid down for Reiki I was instantly relaxed & at peace. After the session, Anna gave me ideas for balancing and loving on my chakras. I left feeling so balanced and refreshed, yet determined! I'm chomping at the bits to go again."

Rae Mayberry
Podcaster & Travel Guru

"I went to Anna for some Reiki healing. I’ve never experienced any energy work before and wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was feeling off balance and emotionally confused. Anna was so welcoming and made me feel at home. She used many methods to help me relax and explained what to expect with the hour of reiki ahead. Post reiki, I’m experiencing fewer headaches and feel more aligned. I recommend everyone gives reiki a try :) Anna is incredibly insightful and loving, I recommend any of her services to my friends and family."

Anna Frye
Classroom Teacher

"2-3 years later I can not continue saying enough about how Anna has grown in her life and profession to make a unique buisness that is natural and totally her. Anna has brought me so much comfort and healing during a difficult season in life. She has intuitively continued my soul and energetic, as well as, physical healing and I am beyond grateful for her! I encourage you and your loved ones of any age and background to check her out!"

Laura Gold
LCSW, Reiki Master & Massage Therapist

"Anna has the magic touch!! She is truly gifted and very knowledgeable in spiritual healing. I highly recommend working with Anna if you are experiencing some blockages in your life and you are ready for a breakthrough!!! She is the real deal!"

Porscha Anderson

"Anna, you are a definite healer and you attract teams of healers."

Sarah Hobson
Yoga Teacher

Frequently Asked Questions

I was born a healer. I am Peruvian, with Shaman & Gypsy roots. I am Californian, with yoga & meditation in my blood. I grew up with healers, card readers, astrologists and mediums. I learned from them and studied on my own.

I use cards, movement and energy energywork  to receive messages from my guides and pass them along.

I became a certified personal trainer and fitness nutrition specialist with the National Academy of Sports Medicine personal trainer in 2014 and 2015.

I completed my 200 hour Power of Baptiste yoga teacher training in Sausalito, California in 2017 while pregnant with my first born. Prenatal yoga is crucial to my peace & wellbeing during pregnancy. I am actively practicing and teaching with my second pregnancy now.

I completed Levels I & II of Usui Reiki in Clayton, Missouri in 2019. And Reiki III Master in February, 2020.

I completed Karuna Reiki I, II, III & IV Master (the fire hose of Reiki) in May of 2021.

I am a life-long learner and here to share this wonderful wisdom and help you along your journey.

Shamanism is a portal to the spirit world. It is a deep connect with Pachamama, Mother Earth, the ancestors & Source.

I practice this ancient wisdom using sound healing, plant medicine & my inner knowning.

I come from the Peruvian, Inca Lineage and am also studying with a Native American tribe here in the states.

Every indigenous culture has a Shaman, spiritual guide & medicine woman. 

And we all share similar practices regardless of language, culture or geographic location.

Pretty magical isn't it?

Sound Healing is the ancient art of clearing out stagnant energyshaking out tension, imbalances & dis-ease in the mind, body & soul.

There is no wonder why we love music, because it works. I use my Reiki-infused crystal singing bowls attuned to different chakras as well as my favorite playlist, Meditative Mind, during my healing sessions.

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