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Spiritual Guidance, Energy, Sound Healing & Plant Medicine Ceremonies

Human Design Reading

Book a 60-minute Human Design reading to dive into your body chart & energetic blueprint.

Human Design is essentially a combination of Astrology, the I'Ching, Kabbalah & the chakra system.

Human Design has changed the game for me. As a mother, business woman, guide & embodiment.

If you're into Astrology, this is likely your next step to self-discovery & self-mastery.

This is my go-to for getting my clients, self & the collective to work their magic.

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Reiki & Sound Healing

Book a 90-minute sacred sound & energy healing in my home in Saint Louis, Missouri.

As a Reiki Master, Karuna Master & energy babe - this is one of my favorite things to do.

This is a hands on Reiki session that incorporates a live sound bath, mediumship & intuitive guidance.

You will lay on a massage table, with a warm blanket & pillow & soak up the beautiful vibes as we clear space, karma & density from your field.

This session is incredibly healing, restorative & transformative.

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Plant Medicine Ceremonies

Join me for a solo, couples or bestie plant medicine ceremony & shamanic journey. 

I work with Psylicibin & Ayahuasca in my home in Saint Louis, Missouri.

I work with mothers, healers, teachers, psychologists, clinical therapists & more looking to have a deeper connection to self.

To remember who they are, where they come from & to heal the mother line.

I use my Shamanic Roots, sacred sound healing, Reiki, mediumship & my intuition to guide us.

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Single Coaching Session

Book a 1-on-1 coaching session for on-site healing & immediate guidance.

Give it to me straight. Tell me exactly where you are & use my toolbox of knowledge.

I will tune into my intuition, your energy & ancestors to help us identify the root cause.

Sometimes we just need a soul sister to hear us out, point out recurring themes & remind us of our Divine Feminie Nature.

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Coaching Package

Book a 7 session coaching package for massive transformation & Divine Feminine Embodiment.

 Each call will begin with meditation, include a combination of breath work, Reiki & Karuna energy healing, somatic healing, Emotional Freedom Technique, mediumship & channeling.

You are the guide & I am the mirror.

This package includes 1-on-1 text support, access to my library of resources, a workbook & a year-long membership to my Sister Circle.

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"Anna's program changed my life. She is an incredible human and has so much valuable knowledge. She helped me deepen my understanding of myself and gave me tools to do my own shadow work. I am super grateful for my time with her and she can help you make serious changes for your better self."

Tatiana Tylosky
Engineering Lead & Entrepreneur

"Week 1 of coaching program was awesome! I feel so much more aligned ALREADY. I was running fast with little direction. I can't wait to see what I accomplish by the end. Stay tuned!"

Arion Hairston
Virtual Assistant & CEO

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