How I Made Life Easier During Corona

Hey Fam!

It's been a while! How are we holding up? How are we doing as parents? How are we doing as individuals? How are we doing as members of society?

I for one, am feeling pretty damn good.

I am blessed to have 50/50 parenting with my son's father! #hallelujahcorona

I am 6.6 months preggo. And taking extra care to rest, feel into my body & get out in nature. #kayaking

I am loving my work-life balance. #projector

I am attracting more abundance than ever.

And resting as much as ever!

Can you believe it?

Since the Corona went down, I've led two Soulful Entrepreneurship Masterminds, two virtual summits, a masterclass& launched my Declutter Your Life Membership!

Now, after being several months transitioning to this new world - I am currently diving deep into two courses - one for numerology and another for human design & astrology! Led by two of my besties - Ashaleah Tuter & Alexandria Rollet.

I am so excited to take a back seat and fine-tune my skills for my clients, members, family & overall well-being.

I'll do a pop up class here and there and continue growing my membership, but I am excited to sit back & soak up these last few months of pregnancy and last few moment of Baby James being an only child! #cray

My husband & I are getting ready to celebrate our 1 year anniversary next week and taking a trip back home to California! We will be there for my sister & dad's birthdays and plan a casual baby shower. We also went straight to California after our wedding last year, so this feels like absolute #divinetiming.

I'm already knowing the August will FLY BY followed by September & October.

To get ready for this next baby, this next chapter of my life & this next stage of my business in this new world - I have hired some help!!! #bigdeal

Are you a mom, or a boss-ass woman who's struggled to ask for help?

Did you grow up with a kick-ass single mom business woman who was good at everything?

Did you go through life navigating and moving according to the beat of your own drum?

I sure did.

It's blessed me in many ways & brought wonderful opportunities to let my guard down, invite help, support & real partnership into my life.

For the Alpha female, this could be a real challenge. As I turn more into my body, my spiritual & my purpose here, I see that my job is to empower other moms to create the homes, lives & businesses of their dreams.

If Corona has taught us nothing, it's that we crave community & connection. That we were running in this rat-race #rushhour and not even aware that we were on empty - completely exhausted, overstimulated & over-worked. We were in straight survival mode, going at the speed of light to pay bills, keep up with the Jones' and fulfill unrealistic expectations.

This has certainly been a challenging time. To see our loved ones get sick and die from this crazy disease. To witness people all over the world shutting down borders, pulling their kids out of school, getting laid off and so much more.

Up until last week I had no direct connection to Corona. I will simply holding space for my friends & family. Now it has officially touched our family via my son's grandpa. I am sending so much love and light to him, his family & the world at large during this time.

There is also no denying that this global crisis has exposed infinite truths among the darkness. For example - our healthcare system, our education system, the economy, how we do business, how we support our children, how we take care of our homes, bodies & souls.This is a truly historic time!

Yet, amidst all the destruction, there is also rebirth.

Families are learning to cook now more than ever, to be in the moment with their children, to call upon friends & family, to re-examine their values, their allegiance to governments, authority, law, religion #saturn - literally you name it.

This is a major "look yourself in the mirror" age. And because of this, we will never be the same.

I for one, have transformed in infinite ways. I've become crystal clear about my purpose & my business. In empowering my fellow momtrepreneurs, in creating my virtual academy, in expanding my online presence & reach like I never have before!

In signing up & employing incredible platforms (SocialBee StreamYard), to support me in being seen and helping as many mamas as possible. In recognizing that I want to teach & lead 85% of the time and work one-on-one only 15% of the time. 

In falling in love with family time & being so grateful for my husband & son's father. In experiencing more authentic relationships, appreciating any moment to go out, sit on a patio & have coffee with a friend given this never-before-seen time.

In allowing myself to treat my family even when our cash-flow was non-existent. In not acting & embodying a fearful, end of the world vibe, we were 100% provided for. In many circumstances the abundance came from unexpected sources - "random refunds," gifts from friends & family, free food, clients we manifested, programs we were started, things we were approved for, the list goes on.

The old me would have had a complete meltdown, been so uptight, so bitter & so afraid that I would have shut down my money-maker - my creativity & joy! 

I would have completely subscribed to the scarcity mindset and turned into a bitter, resentful hoarder. Blocking all possibilities for abundance, opportunity & inspiration.

In letting go & letting God, we were 100% provided for. We were able to create things that would have never come into existence without this unwavering faith & devotion to ourselves, our family & the universe at large.

If I've learned anything during this time - and I've learned a lot (LOL) - it's that "the how" is not up to us. All we gotta do is focus on "the what". Get super clear on what we truly desire. How we want to feel. And be that person TODAY.

In falling in love with rest, downtime & walking in my ebb & flow, I created the most magical life ever. I made quantum leaps in my business, self-esteem & magical abilities. This experience has 100% solidified my commitment to my spiritual practice, in fueling my soul, following my heart & listening to my body.

All else falls into place once we feel full, whole & at ease.

I love you all and hope that this message inspires you & creates space in your heart & soul for the life you have always desired.

And please, if you have any questions or comments, or would simply like to connect - comment below or reach out to me - [email protected]

Love & Light,