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How To Build A Business Leveraging Systems & Automation

business organization Dec 25, 2023

Building a business is one of the most powerful things you can do. Not only for yourself, but for your family & the future generations.

Using the right tech, tools & automation you can set yourself up for success!

Starting Things Off With The Right Business Mentality

1) Get some business besties. Gather a group of boss-babes & meet regularly. Have a group chat, share resources, ask questions & hold each other accountable. 

2) Read & explore empowering books, podcasts & events. Whether it’s a business conference, Rachel Rodger’s “We Should All Be Millionaires”, Gay Hendrick’s “The Big Leap”, or an aligned coach, or course, take it & really learn from the professionals

3) Take care of your mind, body & spirit. Workout, stretch, get fresh air. Tighten up your social feed, friends & family circle. Fuel yourself with A1 food, experiences & vibes to keep it going. This is required for the next level - personally & professionally.

If there was anything I would have been more cutthroat about in the beginning - it was this. 

4) PLAYER MOVE - Time block. Work in creative bursts 2 hours max & take a break. Even if it’s 5 minutes to get a drink, make some food, go for a walk. It’s way better to start like this, than to learn it later. When the clients & sales start rolling in, you want boundaries. And efficiency.

5) SUPER PLAYER MOVE - Get a mentor. I meet mine once a month via SCORE. Totally free & available for you! You don't always get the right match, but when you do it's perfect! My mentor ran a successful business consulting agency & his wife is a life coach! We're a great fit. 

6) MVP MOVE  - Get a coach. My coach in 2023 was Dr. Tracy Timberlake. I did her YouTube Challenge in 2022 & it was EPIC. Super packed with amazing information.

I also attended a couple of her live workshops, before I actually booked a Discovery Call. Sometimes it be like that! Think about your audience too! But man, once I did start working with her - it was everything!

I got to meet some of her other clients, hear about their projects & get a TON of individual support. She is a huge proponent of all of this including putting the work in - dedicating at least 5 hours a week to your business.

Whether you're full-time employed, part-time, a full-time mom, you can make it work.

Here is an example of my weekly schedule.

Make sure you add all the little things. I keep my personal in Orange & Blue is business. That way it's easy for me to distinguish. 

The white areas are my "time blocks" & commute time. I usually work from home because I'm a home girl. Occasionally I'll go to a coffee shop or a coworking space. It's all about what you need.

If you need to get sitters - plan & budget accordingly. Only go to the events where you know it'll have a great ROI, Return On Investment.

Things To Think About Before You Launch Your Business

In the beginning, you want to get clear & organized. You want to be really intentional. Using your time & energy wisely.

Especially if you are a parent, single mother or running on limited fumes & resources.

Here are some things to consider:

1) Think about the big picture.

What are you REALLY here for? What would you really talk about for days? What’s something that you’d be proud, excited & inspired to share?

Is it women empowerment? Health? Freedom? Creation? Travel? Teaching? Uplifting? That’s your jam. 🥳

Your jam is an umbrella by the way, so you can switch it up & have a little variety in how you show up.

For some it’s the coaching & consulting. For others it’s events, products & experiences.

Whatever you do - choose a main arena & go from there.

2) Think about how you want to show up.

Do you want to work 1:1, in groups or offer a product?

Are you selling 1-to-many or are you personalized & project based?

Do you offer a monthly service, community or experience for folks to learn or receive your work?

How are you delivering the goods?

3) Thank about what you want your day-to-day to look like.

Do you want to work from home, be able to travel or have a main headquarters? 

Create a schedule for yourself. Create recurring events in your calendar for nonnegotiables - personal & professional.

When do you pick up the kids? Workout & grocery shop?

From there, think about when you will work with clients. 

Do you want to connect with new people & audiences via online means, events or word of mouth?  Do you want to work with people over a certain amount of time? 90 days, monthly, quarterly? Will they be via zoom? In-person?

When will you schedule meetings, answer emails, create/design/teach (whatever you do), handle back-office & post to social media?

Do you want to create a done-for-you experience, service or product? Where they get what they need & all the instruction & support in-one?

4) Think about your income goals.

Do you want to retire early, travel whenever you want to? Mentor & give back to the community?

What is your yearly goal? Monthly? Setting your business up for success is the key to financial freedom.

Business Basics - How To Incorporate, Register & Open Your Business

 Regardless of the big picture, everybody needs

  • LLC or appropriate business entity. You do this on a state level on a .gov website. This ensures your business & money is separate from your personal.
  • An EIN Tax number. This is done on a federal level. This allows you again, separate the bizz & personal, open bank accounts, apply for grants, accelerators & work with others.
  • Business License. You get this at your local city hall. Get these papers,  proof of address & pay a small fee. Retail businesses need to get a Sales Tax ID number as well.
  • Bank Account. Get 1 at a credit union & 1 at a larger bank. Larger banks move more money & credit unions offer a lot of start-up support.
  • Website. A central hub & custom URL for people to find you, book, buy, connect, etc. This is great for Google, but also to add to your social media profiles & track metrics. Search here.
  • Email. The old school, yet sure way to speak directly to your customer. The real ones sign up for your email. I use [email protected].
  • Business Phone. Get a new number for your business. You don’t want strangers texting you, plus it’s great for banks, grants & a healthy work-life balance. 
  • Business Address. Get a new address at a local coworking space! I use HeyDays HQ in Saint Louis. Not your house or a PO Box, because of privacy & grant purposes.

With a legit business address, you can get your mail & packages delivered, meet new people & attend great events. There is always a level to become a full-member as well, if you want to work outside of the house - you can.

  • Google Business Page. Create a business page so everybody can find you. Boost your SEO (Search Engine Optimization), put your business phone, email & website. Update often like you do socials.
  • Social Media Handles. Secure the same name across all socials. Make it memorable, easy to spell. Same as your URL.
  • Optional - DBA, Doing Business As name. If you have 1 LLC or entity & do all of your work under that name, cool. If you have multiple, then you want a DBA as well.

Business Growth - How to Build A Sales & Workflow Strategy

Depending on your offering or service. Think about what systems you need in place. 

1) Create a customer journey. Where do you want people to start (Step 1)? Do you have an application, discovery call or can they jump right in? Where do they end up? Create something in the middle & then a high-ticket, VIP, best offer. This can vary in terms of time, deliverables, as well as price & commitment from you (& your team).

2) Create a lead-magnet. An easy thing people will get, receive or download in exchange for their email address. It can be a checklist, quiz, video or PDF giving real value & encouraging them to start at Step 1. This is your "freebie." Your audience will "opt-in" via email & you can direct them accordingly.

3) Prioritize tasks that convert. When will you do outreach? When will you follow-up? Post to social media? Schedule meetings & attend events?

If you’re a great teacher, put time into scheduling some content, writing a blog or tightening up your SEO, Search Engine Optimization. Use keywords & phrases, often, across all your channels to become known as the go-to.

If you're best at creating systems, refine your email sequences. 

4) Use your social media posts in your newsletter. It will spread your content more, save time & allow you to repurpose + create brand saliency (consistency amount channels).

5) Sign up for your favorite brand/coaches or agencies newsletter. Look at their website, landing pages & how they do things. See what stands out. What are their emails like? How often do they come? Do the subject lines hit?

Do they use emojis? GIFs or something else to spark your attention. What kind of value are they bringing to the table?

How does their content vary? And what stays the same?

Some of my favorite companies to follow are Organic Olivia, Anima Mundi Apothecary, Rachel Rodger’s Hello Seven & Manifestation Babe.

I have learned so much by signing up for their newsletters & lead-magnets. Reading their blogs, listening to their podcasts & shopping their sites. Find some inspiration! Make a Pinterest board if it speaks to you!

Create Templates To Speed Up Your Process

Create a formal outline that stays the same. It’s standardized, branded & complete.

Creating templates that you can repurpose (& even share with clients or sell on their own) is the smartest & fastest way to scale. The plug & play model is really the way to go.

All you (or your team) has to do is fill in the blanks & insert the details. 

Create Design Templates in Canva for:

  • Testimonial Graphic or Product Reviews
  • IG Carousels
  • LinkedIn, Facebook & YouTube Banner
    • Share your name, powerful image & call to action.
    • IE - Book A Free Discovery Call, Take the Quiz, Start Your Free Trail. 
  • YouTube Thumbnail
  • Podcast Cover & Episode Art
  • Fliers & brochures.
  • Kajabi offers & products.
  • Retractable banner. I ordered mine here.

Create (Internal) Templates in Google Docs for:

  • Business & Marketing Plan
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Client & Meeting Notes.

Use your website platform or Google Docs (as a back-up) for landing pages, check out & email sequence copy. Copy & paste these into your website platform when you are ready.

Standardize your external documents:

  • Project Proposals
  • Contracts
  • Media/Speaker Kit
  • Calendar of Events
  • Newsletter

There is an example of my standardized graphics for my offers & storefront.

Click here to see what the others look like. 


Organized Marketing

A major time savor is repurposing your content. Choose 1 "big" thing that you want to do & reach people with - a newsletter, blog, video or podcast.

Then, break it up into smaller pieces.

For example:

1) EmailStart with a monthly newsletter, then share more as you get comfortable. While the algorithm keeps changing, email will not. Always encourage people to sign up.

2) Social Media - Choose 2 channels, IG & Facebook (easily connect) + LinkedIn or TikTok & YouTube for longer, more detailed content.Think of your ideal audience & speak to them directly.

Choose introductory, intermediate (interested) & advanced (buyer) info & rotate so you can get everybody nurtured & knows what step to take (Call to Action).

3) Print - For vendors, educators, people who are out in the community. You will want something physical to share in person - with a QR code.

I have a business card, flier & product catalog for example. All created on Canva & printed by a local print shop. I love The Done Depot in Saint Louis & Moo.

Adding variety to your marketing strategy allows you to address all the different kinds of learners. For example, some people are visual, they will want to see a flow chart or video. Some are auditory, they will want to listen to you speak. Others are social, they will want to hear stories & testimonials. Those who are logical will want facts, lists & structure. 

If your main thing is a blog - create 12 blogs for the year. Break them down into 4 IG carousels, posts or photos. Summarize in your newsletter & sprinkle in some extra pictures or a short video. 

Recommended Software

Using tech to automate your business is one of the smartest things you can do. 

My favorite tech tools to build & run your business are:

  • Kajabi - Coaches, teachers & consultants. Includes email, website, funnels & automation.
  • SquareSpace - Beginners, who want it cute & professional. Not super complex.
  • Canva - Design & templates for branding, marketing materials & digital products.
  • Toggl - Time tracking. Record yourself doing tasks & see your impact over time.
  • Trello - Project management. Think of this as a digital bulletin board - links, lists & resources.
  • - Digital business card. Use this in your email signature, Link In Bio & QR code.
  • Calendly - Easy & affective scheduling for meetings, events & coaching. Syncs well.
  • Google - Workspace, Phone, Email, Calendar, Domain, Analytics & Business Page.
  • Chat GPT- SUPER helpful for researching, creating courses, landing pages, writing in general.
  • QuickBooks - Invoices & accounting.

Here is an example of Trello. These are my bulletin boards that I regularly update with links, photos, notes & more:

Here is an example of Toggl. This is my weekly update right before the Holidays.

Next Level Tech

  • Typeform - Quizes that can be used as lead magnets.
  • WiseStamp - Professional, clickable email signatures.
  • Etsy - Marketplace for selling & shipping handmade/homemade goods.

Chat GPT now integrates with Kajabi, Typeform, Canva & Google simplifying the entire writing, organizing & creation process!

Having great copy (writing), saves time, energy & converts. Think of AI as a mix between a virtual assistant & a library. Use the free & FAST support to research, create outlines & summaries for your work.

In this age of information, the solopreneur, small-business & organization have the best tools available.

Automate To Earn Money In Your Sleep & Year-Round

In order to really create financial abundance, we gotta put our tech to work. Some off the best ways to do that is by

Kajabi & Calendly, for example are TOTALLY worth the investment, if you are using it to its full potential. 

So many entrepreneurs fail (90%) because they don't have the support for longevity. Much of this support includes automation emails, reminders & follow-up. It's not thing to get someone's attention, but can you keep it?

This is an example of my lead magnet - which starts you on a 3-part email sequence:

Things everybody can have on auto-pilot:

  • Newletter Welcome Sequence - Create 3 emails to introduce yourself, thank them & share your work. Show them who you are, your past projects, passion & how you can help them. Direct them to Step 1 of your funnel.
  • Lead Magnet Sequence - Create 3 emails for people who have already opted in for your “freebie.” Introduce yourself, introduce Step 1, share it helps & what benefits they’ll receive.
  • Follow Up - Create a follow-up email or (set of 3) to thank your customer/client, write a review & re-engage.This will keep you top of mind, gather testimonials & encourage them to keep going.
  • Time Between Meetings - Allow time between meetings to commute and/or mentally prepare (Calendly creates 15-60 min windows). 

You might need to take notes, place orders, delegate a task or simply breathe. This is the single most common thing I help entrepreneurs with. So many are running around with their head's cut off because they don't think about the between time.

  • Reminders - Use Calendly to send your folks email & text reminders for events, meetings & Discovery Calls.
  • QR Code - Get a QR code (via Canva) for your "Link in Bio.” Put this on any printed materials, your business card & social media so folks can quickly scan & take that action step.
  • Schedule Email & Social Media  - You can schedule your emails & posts in advance!

Start with the holidays, then get a theme or choose a monthly cause (Women’s History, Hispanic Heritage, Mother’s Day, Mental Health, etc.) & make sure you’re hitting what you bring to the table each time.

A simple Google search will give you a lot of content that you can spread out with your own gems & areas of expertise.

  • SEO - Boost your website listings & traffic by carefully titling your pages with specific key words.

Write out the best biography & page descriptions. Be very specific on your landing, About Me & Services pages.What questions are you answering? Think about what people are typing into Google. 

For example:

  • How do I automate my business?
  • How do I use technology to build my business?
  • How do I create residual income?
  • How do I get organized as a business owner?
  • What books should I read to help start my business?
  • How do I run business & a household as a single mother?

Here is my "Link in Bio" page.

Similar to my "Affiliates" page, it's simple, with buttons to click on with the most important information. Add your digital business card & make sure there is a newsletter subscription box.

You'll be surprised how many products & services (you already use) offer a referral code that you can share with your audience!

Why not have it all organized & easily accessible?

Add your “Link in Bio” as your company website (on socials & Google) & post in the comments section! Make it SUPER easy for folks to buy.

Putting It All Together

After looking at this guide, you might be overwhelmed. The key is to start somewhere.

Get out a piece of paper & brain dump. Write down what first comes to mind. In whatever order or detail.

Obviously, nobody can teach you everything you need to know about business.

It always happens on the fly, with lived experience.

As long as you love what you do, it’s worth it.

Remember to:

1) Take care of yourself.

2) Build community.

3) Have fun.

Final Take Aways

You got this! 

Trust your passion!

And there a bunch of professionals, like myself who can help you.

COMING SOON - My business templates bundle is launching soon so you can get a recommend - business plan, marketing plan, website layout, landing page outline, lead magnets, Trello boards & more to streamline & simplify your process.

Ready to get organized & aligned like never before?

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