How I Created A Last Minute Virtual Summit

Hey All,

This quarantine has been wild right?

Never in my life would I have imagined that the whole world would be staying home, schools closed & everything on hold until further notice.

What a time to be alive! And what a time for our creative juices!!

Never have we all been in the same boat before.

Never have we all been forced to turn inwards, face our shadows & experience a whole new way of life.

It's incredibly exciting and exhilarating!

So much energy in the air.

Many of us are business owners.

During this time we are being forced to pivot our businesses, evolve overnight or close our doors. I'm using this time to tune in, spend time with my family, rest & realign.

I'm a Capricorn moon, and have a lot of Capricorn energy in me. I go HAM when I work. I have really high standards and execute. At the same time, I also put a lot of things to do the side. That's my Gemini. I keep it moving. I have many interests and talents, and love to be out and about. 

So this time has been super interesting for me. Everything I had "on-hold" is coming full circle now. And literally - the original name of my business was Come Full Circle.

Life's a trip man.

I've always wanted a solid online business.

I've always wanted my own E-books.

I've always wanted online courses.

And to teach & guide massive groups of people! And now I do!

Literally. Everything I've ever wanted is coming true - now!

It's been a serious evolution over the past two years, and oh so satisfying.

Before the Coronavirus hit, I began the group aspect of my business - my first Mastermind.

I started with 10 business owners. My favorite soulful friends & entrepreneurs.

My goal was to elevate this group personally & professionally. For us all to tap into our true, authentic selfs & embody soulful entrepreneurship. 

We we're doing great, the energy was amazing, we we're going HAM and 3 weeks in, the stay-at-home orders began.

Schools were closed, people were laid off & life was cray.


PSA - Please know that the light workers & healers are out here holding space for you. For everyone & everything on the planet. We got you. You got you.

We will get through this. We will survive. And we will be better off. 

For me, this time has been about tending to the fire within. And man, it's a fire I've never experienced before.

In this moment, I am feeling the most lit up, aligned & on-time, it's ridiculous.

I am so blessed to be where I am in life. To lead this incredible group of women & hold space for my sisters at this uncertain time. To have been apart of an amazing group course led by Pilar Lesko that blew my mind in every way possible! To have gone on a yoga trip in Mexico with my mom a couple weeks before all this happened. To have apps like HouseParty to connect with friends & fam. To have social media to create & nurture our community. 

There is no greater gift. No greater power that we can tap into - than to embody & guide our soul fam on this journey of a lifetime. 

This coming - Saturday, April 25th, my mastermind members are launching our first LIVE Lunch & Learn from 11-1:30 PM! This is a group glow up.

We created this event to help female entrepreneurs pivot and align their business with the current times. Which is very much online.

I invite you all to join us for an incredible afternoon of soulfulness, sisterhood & power-house speakers! Grab yourself some tea, make some lunch & join us for the time of your life. RSVP for Free here. We'll LIVE stream to Facebook as well!

Now, let me tell you about how we pulled this off in TWO WEEKS!

When Coronavirus hit, I saw my favorite coaches, teachers & industries blow up online. The glow up was real quick & BRILLIANT!

Ain't nothing like an entrepreneur on fire. 

So, I decided to host a virtual summit IMMEDIATELY.

I knew it had to be us - to collaborate, lead & embody the new-world entrepreneur. Then I followed the following steps to make it a reality.

1. I emailed my 10 Mastermind Members.

2. I got 4 to commit.

3. I outlined the agenda & what I was asking of everybody.

4. I created a Canva flier, landing page, Zoom room & Facebook event.

5. I shared via email & socials. My members shared as well. 

6. I created a follow up Survey, thank you email & post-conference offer.

7. We created our presentations, free gifts & practiced on Zoom.

And now we GO LIVE Saturday, April 25th!

That was it y'all!

Yes, it took some time, but it was also really effortless

If you're a business owner - consider doing this partners who align with your business!

Reach out to your community, come up with ideas & create some incredible projects together!

Now is the time ask for help! Remember - two heads are better than one!

It's time to tune in & heal yourself.

And pursue what ever lights you up!

Love you all and I hope to see you this Saturday from 11-1:30 PM.

If you're interesting in joining my next Mastermind, beginning, May 5th, click here.

Love & Light,

Anna Ortiz-Aragon