How I Automated My Business While On Vacation

Guys, I am literally sitting here in California living my best life.

My business is automated and I am able to be here with my family and enjoy the creative bursts as they arrive.

I am free to write, create a video & record a podcast - or whatever - as the mood arises!

This is literally what I've been dreaming of for years now and it is HERE!

I am so blessed, so honored & so in alignment with how I want life to be.

Baby James is downstairs sleeping, my husband & I are eating this amazing fresh lunch and my sister is about to arrive. 🥰🙏🏽💫

In this movement I realized I have it all. I have everything that I have always wanted. I am free to move as I please. To enjoy every moment as the miracle it truly is.

I am blessed beyond measure and I am a written testament to how you can create the life of your dreams.

I almost missed the moment when suddenly I realized that I can literally sit down and take this intuitive hit right now. 

I have taken care of everything else. All my systems are running in the background and I am free to share this magic.

How did I create this magical life & vacation I speak of?

I signed up for Social Bee.

But really though, stepped into my power & allowed myself to recieve.

I knew automation and people & systems running along side me would take me to the next level. And in the past couple of months. I have allowed myself to have it.

I signed up for Social Bee, an incredible social media platform that allows you to organize, schedule & post all of your amazing content everywhere you want it!

You can organize by category, edit captions, put them on repeat, add your RSS feeds (hello blog & podcast) & so much more!

This is something I've wanted for the LONGEST. I have bounced around with different platforms such as Planoly, Buffer, Later, etc. and recently found Social Bee. It was a God-given moment where the universe handed me exactly what I needed.

I FaceTimed with a team member in Transylvania (hello international partners) and fell in LOVE with the program.

Since signing on a couple of months ago, tackling the learning curve, putting my heart & soul into this & putting a lot of time & effort into brain dumping content, I am now SET FOR LIFE.

Literally - I could rock with this system forever. I created the 5 pillars of my business and now my core values are shared on a regular basis with my audience!

I am loving the feedback so far and really loving the free time to CREATE!

I also hired a woman from the Netherlands whom I met in a human design projector course by Pilar Lesko!

Veerle is my new video, YouTube branding guru who I love and am so grateful to have met! She is a fellow projector, has a brilliant plant-based YouTube channel & gorgeous eye & messaging.

Since allowing this help & guidance into my life, my business and life has become infinity greater & easier. 

I spent so much time doing admin, social media, branding & behind the scenes for the past couple of years. Setting up my foundations. Laying it down brick by brick. And now I HAVE ARRIVED.

I am living my best life! And so excited to allow the help & support I so deeply desire & require to make a massive impact in the world!

Stay tuned my friends! I have so many beautiful things coming your way and I am so grateful to be in this beautiful space now. To truly shine & empower my fellow momtrepreneurs.

I love you all and HIGHLY recommend Social Bee. Use my affiliate link to get started! I also hired a specialist who finds curated content for me every week, makes beautiful promos, quotes & more on Canva & is just a God-send (hello sweet life)!

I love you all and please, do not hesitate to reach out to me to talk simplifying your time, business & passion projects. I am here for you always.

And follow me on socials @declutterwithanna to see our Bay Area/Wine Country vacation!