2022 I'm Coming For You

2022. Holy shit. I'm coming for you. 

Point. Blank. Period.

It's over. 

Game over.

For real.

I have the cheat codes.

I know what to do.

I am fully realized.

I am fully empowered.

And ready to kick ass.

2021 was the greatest initiation & awakening.

Collectively & individually.

We will never be the same.

This is a historic time!

The upgrades, the light codes, the commitment to self-care, mental health & inner-peace are at an ALL TIME HIGH.

We are massively awakening.

DNA cellular rejuvenation.

We are literally opening up portals & pathways that have been asleep for a long time.

And it wouldn't be like this, if it wasn't for the collective dark night of the soul of Corona 2020.

All the pain, all the darkness, the corruption, the injustice has brought us to our knees.

In devotion to self, health, wealth & a better way of life.

Never before has it been so obvious that - we need to take care of ourselves.

To truly honor our rest, our energy & our peace.

This is the true wealth.

This is all we truly want. 

2022 - is self-care.

Above all.

Business, school, health care - everything will be different.

The utopia is here. For the taking.

We are creating the future now.

It is in our hands.

Always has been, but here we are.

And we know it.

Fully realizing it.

Embodying it.

And prioritizing it.

2022, I'm telling you.

Will catapult us all into our next level.

A new commitment to self-care, energetic mastery & harmony.

We'll be walking around with such clear, coherent fields - that everyone we come into contact with will be forever changed.

This sovereign, whole, brilliant energy will radiate & inspire those around us.

We must be the change we want to see.

There is no other way. 

The darkness has no choice, but to be illuminated. 

Once you shine a light on something - it's lit. 

The fear, mystery & confusion dissipate.

You are free to see things how they truly are.

And act accordingly.

We have choice.

There is always choice.

And to do so compassionately, without judgment, shame or blame.

Yes, it can be hard to shift gears, to face the past & choose something new.

Like Maya Angelou says, "When you know better, you do better."

And that's it fam.

Release those timelines, old ways of being & forgive yourself.

Give yourself an elemental bath.

Lots of earthy, grounding energy.

Lots of watery, cleansing energy.

Lots of firey, purifying energy.

And lots of air - freedom & clarity.

You got this fam.

I love you & wish you the best final Full Moon of 2021 ever!

And a lovely New Year!

Thank you universe for a kick ass 2021.

And 2020.

Thank you for these brilliant initiations, lessons & blessings.

I love you.

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